Plate Solves with Rotated Picture?

I am running SGP

Pinpoint V6.0.2

I normally have no issues with SGP plates solves.

Had recal’d the scope using APPM (Astro-Physics Point Mapper). Got an instantaneous solve and recal. So I know the scope was right on. I slewed to the target and took a test shot. I played with the picture rotation buttons on SGP so I could align the picture with what my star chart showed on Maxim.

Started the imaging session in SGP. When SGP tried to Center, the Dec was spot on but the RA was off a huge amount. SGP tried twice to plate solve, fail both, went into blind failover and then succeeded and the session continued normally. SGP then did a focus run. What was weird was that even though the picture was oriented vertical on the screen, SGP was drawing a horizontal frame around the picture that extended off the display window (hard to describe). The star measurements were not aligned with the stars on the screen. That’s when I thought that the rotation of the picture was related to the failed plate solve.

Log is here.!AiykFZb1zO59-3W3CXvutn_1VAzN?e=BPmctL

Events are towards the start of the imaging session.

I wouldn’t bother with this but I have never had an issue with SGP plate solves during target acquisition and centering. Could be I just did something goofy last night.

Solvers have no problem with rotated or flipped images.