Plate Solving Fails Astap and Blind


I am using a trial version of SG Pro and I can not get plate solving to work. I have an ED 80 with a .8 reducer flattener giving me an effective 384MM fl with 80 MM Aperture. this sits on en EQ6 R Pro mount with a QHY 247c Camera. I have set the camera properties in the equipment management profile and set plate solver to Astap for primary and Astometry Net for Blind. Each time I do Solve & Sync or run a sequence the solve fails.

I use this same setup in astrophotography Tool and Astap solves in less than 2 seconds. I open the image I took in APT and that image will solve in SGP. What am I missing?

Thanks Ahead

Most likely the image scale, so the arcsecs/pixel setting is wrong. You could check your values in the ASTAP calculator in stack menu (crtrl+A) tab pixel math2. If iremember well, the pixel scale in SGP is depending on the binning.


How did you come to 384mm? If this is the standard SW ED80 Doublet which has a FL of 600mm your effective FL would be 480mm and an f ratio of f6. Also if you are using the SW reducer/flattener it is actually .85x which would then give an equiv FL of 510mm and f6.375.