Plate solving from fetched image through framing wizard

Hi everyone,
im new 2 this Forum but old with SGP. So far fully Content. Im having difficulties Plate solving with fetched images through framing wizard. (after trying to get ANVSR running).
Therafter i deleted all the Cat Logs and went back to PS2 and BS with asrometry .net. Now i hardly can plate solve from Framing wizard fetched Images(after creating a sequence). Rest runs fine. Where did i go wrong? any advice will be helpful,
Thank you


Not sure I am following you. You are trying to plate solve the DSS images that the mosaic and framing wizard fetches? Or you are having trouble solving an image you want to use to center the canvas in the MFW? I am not sure why you would attempt to plate solve a DSS image fetched by MFW. Or maybe you mean that you cannot solve images using a sequence that was created by the MFW. Please clarify and I’ll try and help…

Hi Ken,
thanx for the reply,
Apologise if i was unclear. Well, exactly this is the issue.
** cannot solve images using a sequence that was created by the MFW.**

Tried PS2, Remote and ANSVR local. Its just hangs till time out.
Dont know whats the reason behind for this behaviour. It does the same with or without Internet.
thank you.