Plate solving with CPC celestron

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I have just started doing plate solving using Pinpoint 7 via Sequence generator pro via my Celestron CPC HD EDGE 9.25, the telescope connects via the Nexremote Handset which is a program on the computer so all good here, I connect the computer to the telescope via the PC port and everything runs fine, however as I run plate solving and SLEW & CENTRE to the Target obviously my scope slews there and then slows down a little until it stops on the target but while plate solving is running it starts capturing the images while the scope is slowing down which takes around 4 seconds or so then I see the Stars all long streaks naturally so it fails, it then invokes blind solving which sometimes works and sometimes does not. What it needs to do is start plate solving after the scope settles down so the stars are round and there is no movement, I have spent countless hours trying to figure this out even with my friend who uses a refractor on an equatorial mount but it is different with him as the scope just goes to the target, stops straight away and does not start slowing down once it reaches close proximity, the Celestrons are different, they slew and as they get get closer to the target they start gradually slowing down unit they hit the target which is appx 4 seconds or so, No idea why SGP starts capturing straight away, it should wait until the scope settles and then start the process. There is a settle time in the Scope setting in SGP but that did not do anything.

I even tried to SLEW First then try the CENTER but it naturally runs the scope, the scope moves and then slowly slows down to the target, meanwhile it is taking images and the stars are long streaks so it will fail every time.

Any advice how to fix this please ?

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I would not involve Celestron software anywhere along the line. The Handset is just a software that emulates the hardware handset, which has its own instruction set to the mount. Same thing using the CPWI software…they will lock you into their proprietary alignment hardware…Star Align/StarSense. So, it looks like you have two choices:

  1. Find an ASCOM driver for Celestron mount and use SGP.

  2. Use Star Sense(?) to align and guide the scope.
    EDIT: I searched and found this thread:

Turns out one can use CPWI after all, but it needs to be installed a certain way.

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It sounds like whatever is telling SGP that the slew is finished is telling it too soon. You could also try setting a “settling” time in your equipment profile under telescope. I’m not sure exactly what that does but maybe SGP will wait the settling time after a slew before taking the next exposure.