Plate solving with SkyX

Which free software is best to use for solving? I have SkyX with camera add on, but since the camera is connected to sgp I can’t use that any more.

The best is debatable because some have success with one thing, others have success with another thing. Here’s what I would suggest: use Elbrus as your main solver and a local instance of as your “failover”.

Install Elbrus using the Elbrus Installer available on the mainsequencesoftware website:

And here’s the instructions/download for local solver


If you do not have a web connection there is a local version of that works well in SGP too. It is fast too. I have this as a fallover for Pinpoint 6.


Can you expand on this?

Or to be more specific, I was under the impression that Pinpoint will only fail-over to the on-line version of

Is the fail-over to a local install of managed by SGP even though Pinpoint wants to fail-over to the web?

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Yes, if you look at the link, Andy provides an installer and full instructions on how to get SGP to use this local installation as a fail safe. I deliberately put in an incorrect scale, something that PinPoint hates, and after a moment, the local server got the answer right.

I think Pinpoint as a separate application will only fall over to the internet version, but SGP is smarter :slight_smile:

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