PlateSolve 2 / Astrometry local problems

Hi- I’ve had good success platesolving in APT but still having issues in SGP.

What I’ve noticed is that when I run PS2 standalone and enter my own degree scale (1.8 x 1.36) I get matches. But when I run through SGP (I set the scale in settings beforehand), it injects incorrect degree values for the platesolve (like 108 degrees as in attachment cap) and I never end up being able to get a solve. My astrometry local backup seems to always fail also, but perhaps I’m using a wrong series of catalogs.


Log: sg_logfile_20180205211213.txt (68.8 KB)

I did notice halfway through tonight that I didn’t have correct arcsec/pixel entered in equipment profile, so fixed that and still have issues with values getting passed to PS2 degrees.


What I’m experiencing is quite similar to what’s in this thread from a couple years ago where the wrong scale values get passed in:

If you change the equipment profile and are trying to use an old sequence, the equipment profile is not re-applied. In effect equipment profiles are used when a sequence is first created. After that, the equipment settings for that sequence are kept with the sequence data. You need to open your sequence and change the control panel settings for it to have an effect on that sequence. A neat trick is when you have it working, you can then save the sequence ‘as a profile’ for future use.