PlateSolve 2 Delay after Solving

I am using PlateSolve2 rel 2.29 with SGP. So far, it works incredibly well.

However, after it finishes platesolving (say for a slew and center), it starts a 10 second countdown clock during which the platesolving results stay visible. While this is great if I want to study the results, the progression of the sequence is frozen until this window closes. That is problematic for some of my applications (e.g. model building).

Is there a way to set the duration the window stays visible after it completes a Platesolve?

Apologies for such a basic question, but I have been unable to find the answer in the forums and the help guide.


No it cannot be changed as far as I know.

If someone knows otherwise PLEASE let us know how you did it. It really does add a considerable amount of time to centering a target.

In the meantime you can manually close the box with the timer and save some time. Of course you cant do that un attended.

The other option is to switch to using astap - also supported by sgp. It’s much faster and doesn’t do a countdown.

I will give that a try. Only recent I haven’t is that PlatSolve has been working really well with my system, and hate to change what isn’t broken. But I’m at the end of my willingness to lose time to a countdown box.

PlateSolve2 forces a 10 second wait and SGPro can’t do anything about it. We have tried to move on with the sequence while PS2 is doing its countdown, but this created an unstable situation (with file reads) where users were experiencing odd plate solve failures. The bottom line is that PS2 is not designed to be used by other programs. I highly recommend moving to ASTAP.

Got it. I suspected as much. Confirmation much appreciated.

Switched to ASTAP. Much faster. Thanks!

With NiNa PlateSolve2 doesnt count down, so there must have a setting or a file where this count down can be removed.
Also during the countdown you can just close the window and the plate solve will be resolved anyway

@Ken, I use PlateSolve2 in some of my own applications, and you can set that timer to 0 while calling it from the command line. It is the last input parameter: “PlateSolve2.exe …, filename, TIMER”, where if TIMER = 0 the window will close immediately.

Otherwise I agree that ASTAP is the best alternative.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check this out.



Is it possible to change that in SGP?


This would be a lovely thing to be able to set. Very happy to Beta test this feature in a release soon!

I’ve updated it and the delay will be removed in the next 4.0 Beta.


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Great thanks