Platesolve 2 takes me to ASTAP solver


Before SGP supported ASTAP I changed my Platesolve2 executable file to run ASTAP from the Platesolve2 directory… Now that SGP supports ASTAP I would like to be able to choose between ASTAP and Platesolve2 in the dropdown menu. But since I changed the executable file, Platesolve2 takes me to the ASTAP solver. Can I somehow change the configuration to get me back to being able to run Platesolve2 from the Platesolve selection window instead of being directed to the ASTAP solver? I hope I have explained this well enough. I have spent hours trying to straighten this out.

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When I went thru this process I renamed my old platesovle2.exe file to it’s original name and moved all ASTAP files to a c:\program files\astap folder I created which was recommended by the authors here. You can also do an uninstall/reinstall to the default c drive location. After you point SGP to the correct directories under Tools\Options\External Apps you are good to use either option.

Bkoch method is correct. But if you find it too difficult, probably the easiest way is to reinstall SGP and install ASTAP and G17 database. The *.290 files you could delete from


Where “you” is your username.

It’s a reverse from:


Both great replies!! ASTAP works without issue, and points to the correct solver. Plate solve 2 on the other hand also points to the ASTAP solver instead of the Platesolve2 solver. I can delete SGP and re-install and then all is well except for it needing to connect to the MSS website to check for the license. The problem there is that I never connect this remote PC to the internet, I just remote in through Remote Desktop from my local Lan connection that is not connect to the internet. This has worked fine for years and I hate to have to bring the scope computer inside and connect to the internet. If I could just somehow reinstall the license it would work fine. If there is a cofig file somewhere where I can just enter the License? If so, all my issues could be easily resolved. Thanks for all the support

Bkoch, For the external apps I don’t see Platesolve2 in the list. I think it is now internal to the SGP software.

You can select which installed plate solver to use under an equipment profile’s plate solve tab.

Thank you Bkoch

You should be able to install over the top of your existing installation without the need to update your license. Just depends on your version though. Be sure to use what ever version of SGP you’re currently registered for. If you have SGP2, use SGP2 and NOT 3.

Also here’s the PS2 exe … you should just be able to replace these over the top of your existing one as well if you don’t want to do the reinstall thing:


Thank you Jared!!