PlateSolve and go-to not working

I have problems with platesolver (Platesolve 2.29) when it tries to center the object:
Home version of windows 10. Since it crashed and Microsoft reinstalled windows 10 I have been unable to get Platesolve 2.29 to center on objects (3months). Running the latest version of SGP. PS will find the Dec and RA coordinates and will drive the mount to the location but will never finish the centering. After 30 minutes I cancel the process.
Here is a list of one of my sessions on evening of 4-15-20. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Richard White


Aprox time of issue:

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8

In the log files, PS is not solving your images (found three instances).

A couple of thoughts

  • daylight saving — is it correct across all devices… obvious but we have all been caught out at least once.
  • have you set up your camera/sensor/telescope settings so that the assumed scale is broadly correct,
  • you could try taking a similar image (binning and duration) with frame and focus and try solving with PS or ASTAP - it could well be the settings in the solver that are the problem - then you can at least know
  • set up blind server (yours is disabled)

I have had a few recent instances where all my solvers (Pinpoint, PS2 and ASTAP) struggled in a sparse star field around M106. I found increasing the exposure helped as did using the blind solver which somehow managed to work on the first pass of the centering and then the solvers worked fine when I was only almost centered.

Hi Buzz,
Thanks for the suggestions. I found that my laptop was on daylight saving time and my mount was on regular time. I was able to correct it 2 days ago and have been testing every clear night.
My go-to will work when I use internet blind solver. Looking at log and found the following lines that are confusing to me……

[04/18/20 20:59:32.044][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Last attempt to migrate failed… loading default settings and start SGPro…

[04/18/20 20:59:59.716][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Failed to fetch ASCOM camera gains list, checking min / max…

[04/18/20 21:09:52.099][DEBUG][Telescope Thread][SQ;CE;] Auto center scope frame failed to solve (bad solve).
[04/18/20 21:09:52.099][DEBUG][Telescope Thread][SQ;CE;] Auto center validation frame solve failed, invoking blind failover…

[04/18/20 21:10:52.765][DEBUG][Telescope Thread][SQ;CE;] Auto center validation frame solve failed. User Aborted
[04/18/20 21:10:52.766][DEBUG][Main Thread][SQ;CE;] Adding sequence level notification: Auto center validation frame solve failed. User Aborted
[04/18/20 21:10:52.810][DEBUG][Telescope Thread][SQ;CE;] Sending Notification: Error - Auto center validation frame solve failed. User Aborted
[04/18/20 21:10:52.811][DEBUG][Telescope Thread][SQ;CE;] Auto center failed! Auto center validation frame solve failed. User Aborted
[04/18/20 21:10:52.821][DEBUG][Telescope Thread][SQ;CE;] Close centering dialog…

on a different area Auto focus, may be linked
Auto focus failed Smart focus failed too many range shifts to start positions

Thanks for your assistance… I can send you the entire log if it would help.
Wondering if I need to down load the PS2 data base again?

Richard White

In practice, I find ASTAP more reliable than PS2. It might be worth switching to ASTAP and giving it a try.

What catalog are you using with PS2?

I do not use PS2 anymore - I forget which catalog I used. Why not try ASTAP. It is free too.

Question was for the original poster.

but… for me I have been testing both recently. If you use APM vs UCAC3 plate solves are waaaaaay faster.

Some weirdness, plate solving directly from the ASTAP app is a lot faster but I find it slower than PS2 when solving through SGP. shrug


Thanks to everyone. I have not thought about using APM VS UCAC3 will give it a try.
Still struggling through the process.

Note to all: ASTAP is working very well for me and is much faster than Platesolve2. ASTAP is being updated very frequently now, so I look at the download page frequently.

Mark W


Agreed :slight_smile:

I am using UCAC3