PlateSolve2 and the 3000 regions issue

The issue of PlateSolve2 mysteriously reverting from what ever the user has set it to, to 3000 regions (Max Regions setting in Control Pannel) has been around for a while but I have finally seen at least one thing that is causing this to happen – it is the use of the “Solve and Sync” function in the Scope Centering module.

I set Control Panel (in the Sequence file) to a value of 100 Regions and did a Solve and Sync. PlateSolve2 popped up showing the correct value of 100 regions. A few minutes later I happened to run the Solve and Sync again and PlateSolve2 popped up showing 3000 regions. When I re-opened Control Panel, it had been reverted to Max Regions.

I was able to verify this sequence of events by running the Solve and Sync and resetting Control Panel several times. I am using but it is likely this has been an issue for a while.


It would be great if this was a clue that led to correcting this persistent bug. Thanks for discovering it. I’ll try to verify it the next time I’m out.