PlateSolve2 Fails With Particular Target


I am having an annoying experience when trying to plate solve on a particular scene using PlateSolve2. The software ends with a runtime error -6. When I slew nearby to another spot, everything works fine. Is it possible that my first scene has too many stars? It is alarming that the software does not give me any information to help me diagnose the issue but instead just ends in error. Are there some particular parameter settings that I should be using in PlateSolve2?

Here is my log file. The first several plate solve attempts fail, but frankly I don’t see anything in the log file to help me understand why. Perhaps you can? Thanks for the help!

Log File

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I can’t directly answer your question, but when I used PS2 in the past there was a certain area of the sky that PS2 simply wouldn’t solve (it was in the NE), and if I would slew just a short distance away it would solve first time. I could never figure it out. I don’t remember there being a specific “-6” runtime error.

Several months ago I switched to ASTAP and it has been bulletproof and solves even faster than PS2. I would highly recommend you check out ASTAP.

Thank you, Joel.

PlateSolve2 had been bulletproof for me up until this incident last night. Looks like all the other plate solves during the night were successful without issues. I am also concurrently running a completely separate second rig, which also uses SGP and PlateSolve2, and it also had no issues last night. There is something happening with that one spot in the sky.

I’ll look into ASTAP as well. Thanks for the tip!


There is a huge solving time difference between the two in my experience. ASTAP is a big improvement! Have never had it take longer than 5 seconds for anything I’ve thrown at it. I just can’t wait for it to be available for blind solving.

On the PS side I had more issues with resolving using the UCAC3. Installed APM (renamed UCAC directory as well) and solving of images was improved.

Second the ASTAP. Switched to it a few weeks ago and although PS2 had been pretty good, so far ASTAP has been faster with zero failures.

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Thank you for the ASTAP suggestion. I installed it this afternoon and tested it on some of my acquired images. It certainly is fast!

In a nut shell use ASTP for platesolving . It’s quick and has solved before I have had time to look up at the screen :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve had several sessions now using ASTP, and I am now an avid convert. Thanks all for the suggestion!