Platesolve2 Issue resolved by reverting to older version of SGP

After about 90 minutes of no success in my efforts to update Planesolve2, I uninstalled and then reinstalled Everything is working fine with the older version, and I just finished capturing my first sub. I captured screenshots of each stage of my installation attempts if one of the devs would like to see them. Essentially, when SGP booted up, I received an error message stating that the catalog references were broken. This occurred after several efforts to install the new version, link the new version in the options tab, and configure the directories. Personally, I would prefer to receive an email notification when a new update becomes available, rather than a popup in the software.

I suffered same issue last night. No matter what you try, it’s no way to work with PS2. I decided to use ASTAP until this problem will be fixed. To be honest it’s so annoying and frustrating this kind od bugs that I usually face against just when I like starting a new working night and I fall into the trap of updating the software … This kind of issues often happens.

Where did you guys install Platesolve 2 ? My Documents? Program file? some other system folder?
there is information on getting it to work if installed in a system folder or if the catalogs are installed on a different drive.
I have both the programs and catalogs installed in My Documents and after configuring SGP both PS2 and PS3 solve without issue.

Finally I guess I’ve found the issue some minutes ago. The path of the software was removed from the External Apps Options menu, due to an unknown reason. Right now, the error message has dissappeared. Cross fingers.

As usual for my applications: Program Files directory. I guess the path is not the issue.

For some users, installing in the program files directory, windows blocks or limits access to the files and the user has to go in and un-block the access.

I had the same issue after installing the update. It took me two hours to get it working again, but it’s good to go now.

Hello, I am experiencing the same problem. Does anyone solved the problem with the latest version of SGP? I have asked the same question in another topic, too in the forum.

I followed the guide and everything should be fine but when SGP tries to do the Plate solve, it start to consult PlateSolve2 and then fail.

I can leave the log here:
If I am not mistaken it is written about the Plate Solve at this time " 01/04/24 21:21:37.437"
log: Dropbox - sg_logfile_20240104211819.log - Simplify your life

thanks in advance!

Are you actually having the same issue? Meaning, reverting to older versions for SGPro fixes the issue?


I have to try again the next night that will be clear. Tuesday night or Wednesday I can give a try and then I update you.


Hello, I would like to update you regarding my issue for the PlateSolve.

Reverting to the version, everything is fine and work correctly. (I am experiencing the problem with all the versions after the