Platesolve2 Out of Memory

The past few nights I have been surprised by Platesolve2 intermittently stopping and saying “out of memory”. Only seems to happen when I ask SGP to platesolve an image I take with frame and focus. I am usually looking at Polaris when it happens. I looked on the web and found some references to the issue but no real resolution. I have have gotten past it by requesting another platesolve but sometimes it takes up to 5x to get it to work. Sometimes it happens only once and never again that night. It never has happened when slewing to a target and platesolving to start a sequence. I have the latest SGP installed.

I’m not sure why that would happen. Maybe it really can’t allocate enough memory to function? We cannot speak for the functionality of PlateSolve2, but we can note that more recent versions of SGPro support PlateSolve3 (also free) which, in general seems more robust and supports a much cleaner interface with SGPro.

Thanks! I’ll give Platesolve3 a try.