Platesolve2 Repeatedly fails

I am still on SGP v2, and I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly these last 4 years. I recently had to reinstall it, along with PlateSolve2, so I downloaded and installed everything at the latest versions. Now whenever I plate solve, it seems to fail immediately without doing much of a search. I can blind solve beforehand so I know I’m on target.

Here is a link to my log file showing the failures. Let me know what other details i can provide that may help.

I’m not sure what your particular issue is (something changed, for sure) but I have a suggestion: I’m not sure if this can be done in V2, but quite a few folks have moved on from PS2 to ASTAP. It appears to be better and is free to download and you may be able to link to it from SGP for your solving.

Thanks for the help, sir. I was able to switch to the new plate solver ASTAP which seems to be more reliable than PlateSolve2. Thanks again.