Platesolve2 solve settings not being used when run by SGP

I use Platesolve2 for platesolving, but it’s pretty slow on my computer when you use the default of 45 maximum stars to solve with. It only does a little more than one search per second. If I lower the default of 45 down to 15, it does more like 10 searches per second. The issue I’m having is that when SGP calls Platesolve2, it doesn’t seem to preserve the settings you have set up in Platesolve2 (outside of SGP) so it uses the default of 45 maximum stars (even though the Platesolve2 settings say 15 max) and it’s pretty slow.

Is there something that can be done about that setting? I am pretty sure SGP passes in the height/width of the image in arcminutes because changing my camera/telescope settings in my equipment profile changes the values that Platesolve2 uses when it is called by SGP.


You can’t set PlateSolve2 parameters outside of SGP for SGP to use.

I did set them, but the solve was still moving at the same rate as it was when it was at 45 (even though the parameters said 15).

I don’t have SGP installed on this computer so I’m doing this from memory. I don’t recall that you can set the max number of stars to use for PlateSolve2 in in SGP. You can set number of regions. Is that what we are talking about? In any case PlateSolve2 should fly, It should solve one region in a second or less. I wonder it you have the scale set correctly. If the image is close to the hint coordinates, PlateSolve2 should not take more that 30 seconds at most. Do you have set up for blind solving? Try that to blind solve the image and see if that works. If it does, it will give you the scale you can use for PlateSolve2.

I’ve got everything set up correctly cause I can solve fine, but it’s just slow. I was having issues with my mount thinking it was pointing somewhere else, so perhaps now that I’ve moved to EQMOD it will solve in fewer searches. Typically it’ll solve in 40-60 region searches when I don’t have the mount aligned properly (just set it up and point it at polaris then slew to my target).

If you aren’t getting at least a region a second, either you have a very slow computer (unlikely) or something else is eating up computer time. Use the task manager to see where the computer time is being used.