platesolve2 tips?

i just switched out my slowish 1100mm reflector for a 500mm fast refractor… at 1100mm, PS2 was solving everything with no issues with all default settings. however i’ve had several solve failures with this new focal length.

does anyone know what settings are relevant in PS2 that might improve things in a busy starfield with lots of small stars? i have increased the min star size a little bit but i have not been able to test it yet.

any benefit in switching catalogs? i think UCAC is selected, but i also have APM installed.

thanks, rob

One thing to check is to make sure you changed your camera scale in the Camera tab.


thanks, yeah i should have mentioned that i had already done that. now running at 2.2app.


strange - i noticed that the search box was enormous - many hundreds of degrees. something must have gotten corrupted in the settings since re-entering the plate scale in the camera tab of settings seems to have fixed the problem.