Please add option to avoid Plate Solving Stage 4 (Verification)

I have not yet tried version 2.4 but have thoroughly used version 2.3 in the past and have read through the entire release notes for version 2.4. As far as I’m aware, there is currently no option to avoid Step 4 (Verification) of the Plate Solving routine. I personally use the ANSVR offline service as a plate solver and it works wonderfully. The issue is that it does it’s job really well and once it captures one exposure, calculates the error and re-centres my mount, it wants to capture and analyse another exposure during Stage 4 (Verification).

I’m sure this is to verify if the centering went sufficiently well within the error margin allowed by the user. However, it would be nice if there was an option to avoid this step entirely as I find my targets centre 100% well in the first attempt, each and every single night, despite having to set up all my equipment each and every night I go out (since I always image from a darker site).

Adding this option would simply save me and others some amount of time when starting a sequence. Before using SGP, I used to use AstroTortilla and it too did this, but I could just cancel the plate solving process while it wanted to verify. In SGP, cancelling actually cancels running the entire sequence, which is certainly not what we need! :smile:

Thanks for the awesome software anyway. SGP is worth four-fold its price, easily.

Thanks for the suggestion and we are glad you are enjoying SGPro. This topic has come up before and is not something we are currently interested in pursuing.

Thanks! Keep them comin!