Please bear with us

The new system is under heavy load from a concurrent user migration and a host of folks using the new site to get SGPro running again. If you experience odd behavior with activation or with starting SGPro, please try again. The user migration should be complete shortly.

has the migration completed? When trying to login I get a “Unknown email address. Check again or try your username.”

Hi Rakla,

The migration is now complete. Please finish your login and activation. For the log in be sure you’re using the user id and password sent in the email with your new account information.

Hi, you say the migration is complete but I can no longer log into the site. I purchased pro on the 18th and activated it without issue on 1 or 2 computers. Now my account no longer exists so I can’t do anything with licenses etc. My account appears to be gone… :slight_smile:

And of course when I try to add my licence key in 3.2 I get an error (expected because my original email said you can only activate the key once - but the “register this machine” and “Licence management” links seem to be gone in this version…)

Please email with the email address that you used for SGP and we can look into it.

Thank you,

I did earlier before I realized there was a migration going on.

Same issue here, I wasted two hours last night (clearest night we’ve had in months) after I updated SGP on my main imaging PC. I gave up and used my slow backup tablet pc with an old version of SGP. Hopefully I can get it working on my main PC by this evening. I should have tested it in the day, but every other SGP software update has gone so smooth I wasn’t worried.

For anyone following this, the migration was completed several hours ago. If you still cannot login, please send a note to