Please help? Sequence isn't running since getting my mini v2

I was out last night and once again a sequence wouldn’t run after a focus routine, the same auto centering isn’t on for this target and the environmental device isn’t connected. I’m not using the external environmental device and the mini v2 comes with an internal and I have the ext. unplugged I’m frustrated having to go through the way of running through freeware . Help somebody ? I don’t understand how to dropbox the screen or sgf?

What is the “mini V2”? Do you mean the Moonlite mini v2 controller?

You don’t provide a lot of information. When the sequence stops do you get a message or an error of some kind?

Dropbox is a file sharing service. You install Dropbox on your computer and it creates a folder on your computer. Any file you put into the dropbox folder will be available to you on whatever device your dropbox account is active, and you can also create a download link for that file. So anyone with the link can download that file.

In our case, if you find the SGP log file (Help/Open Log Folder) copy the log file and paste it into the dropbox folder. Right click on the file in the dropbox folder and choose “Copy dropbox link”. Then paste the link into a message here on the forum. Then we can look at it. We need to see a log file for an SGP session where the problem happens. It might also be helpful to use dropbox to post your .sgf sequence file.

Yes Moonlite mini v2 controller , I’m handicapped and not tech. savvy like most but, enjoy my imaging . I’m going to attempt to send it tonight again , I noticed when I set up a new sequence of events “equipment profile manager” and control panel didn’t have the same settings for the focuser. Why ? I’m having a very difficult time to get it to run a sequence after it finishes the focus routine , I’ve got it set for a 20s delay and the way I take it , after 20seconds it should allow me to run a sequence or is there something that I’m missing ? I have to do all my capturing in Sharpcap and I’m pretty upset that I payed for Sgp and as soon as I add new equipment SGP wants to go on HIATIS and not connect to something or half works and the other half of the software gives me excuses why?at my expense. I like SGP when everything is connecting and working , it’ll sure beats the TAR out of me. I use teamviewer13 if you want to actually see my problem 8:00 - 11:000 pm est my #704-750-7119 Ronnie I’m clueless !