Pleiades HDR

Hi everybody,

Here is about 6 hours of Pleiades, imaged with a Takahashi FSQ 106ED and a modded Canon 6D. 73x5m, and 30x5s. Captured with SGP, of course!

edit: image seems to have been cropped square for some reason. Full resolution here.

And central area crop is here.

Pleiades center region crop (headdown) - Full resolution | AstroBin



Nice job Dean! I’ll never forget when I did this too. It took really good skies; but you can’t complain about the results!

Very cool!

What a superb rendition of M45. Very impressed.

Good work

Thanks guys! Yes mads I am very lucky to have fairly dark skies available not too far away. It makes all the difference in the world.


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