Poll: Two weeks with the new forum... what do you think?

This marks the end of the second week with the new forum and we would like to get some feedback. Please vote, using one of the options below, and feel free to leave more verbose feedback by replying to this message.

  • Keep it!
  • Go back to Yahoo! groups
  • Don’t go back to Yahoo! but keep looking at other forum software

It’s a little ‘over the top’ from a color scheme standpoint. There is ‘a lot’ going on. But, it works significantly better than Yahoo! Groups.

I agree with mads. I like the new forum for many reasons, but it does feel “busy”. Of course, me is simple minded…

I will also agree with this… that said, discourse is the only forum based software that allowed us to mimic Yahoo’s email infrastructure (i.e email on reply, daily or weekly digest and reply via email). Other forum software requires that you sign up for every thread you want to monitor and it is read-only (i.e. you cannot reply to your forum notification). I think that, for what discourse offers (for free), the category colors are a small price to pay…

Just my 2 cents.

I wouldn’t change it for the world. I was assuming there is a more minimalist ‘skin’ for the program that would make it less intense. But, I definitely enjoy this over Yahoo! Groups.

If you setup your email preferences accordingly you actually never have to visit the forum. You can do pretty much everything over email.

I reply to some via email and others in the forum itself.


Absolutely Ken, my feeling exactly.

Keep it. I was one of the people who emailed Ken off-line about the possibility of moving to a forum, and I like it.

This is an old thread but I wanted to say that this forum is great. Functions well and some nice features. I like the email reply option for sure.


Keep It! I’m am not a fan of Yahoo groups.


I think this is better, thou when I have a problem I am loth to ask for help because I can never find my question again unless someone sends me an answer. there must be someway to easily find your initial question and answer or receive a prompt. with my most recent stupid question I received a quick problem solving reply. chuck j