Possible Filterwheel Bug

Not sure but maybe a bug in the SGPro software.

I have a filterwheel with 5 filters. The filter wheel uses the ASCOM standards.
When SGPro launches and I connect to my Filterhweel SGPro always returns the incorrect filter. It is always one number higher than what the actual filter is.
The ASCOM filters are in an array which starts at 0. So my filters are numbered 0 - 4. I see that when SGPro starts and connects to my Filterwheel that SGPro checks the current filter (Which my wheel responds back saying it is filter 0). Then SGPro shows it as Filter 1.
The same when the initial filter is 2 and when SGPro starts and connects it says it is filter 3.

But when the initial filter is 4 and SGPro starts and connects, it does show the correct filter, nr 4.

I checked the SGPro log files but it does not show any details about which filters are selected.

Any ideas?