Post sequence events - calling for script

I am still having difficulties with my RoR driver slaving successfully to my mount without communication errors upon parking; the roof manufacturers are working an an updated driver, as my previous post Obs Dome time out during SGP Shutter.Status check. A fully working driver is the ideal solution I understand, however, I am endeavouring to find a scripted workaround.

As a workaround (temporary I hope) I have written a simple script that launches the roof software and closes the roof. I have tested this as a post-event option (running a single dark as an event) and it worked successfully. Last night I was imaging and had to pause the seqeunce mid-event due to clouds and then I aborted fearing rain. I had only 1 event planned in the sequence: 15 x 600s Lum. Aborting mid-event meant that the post-event script wasn’t called for. If I had completed the event the script woould have ran and the roof closed. In my temporary workaround I stupidly failed to think about the mid-event abort scenario.

In my tiredness in the early hours I couldn’t find a setting to call for a script as a post-sequence option in the same way as ‘warm-up ccd’ or ‘park mount’. Is this possible?


There is no option to do this and honestly is against one of our core development philosophies. It usually means that we are not providing some set of functionality that users would like to have.

Your script should be runnable from the desktop. Just double click the link.

Thanks Ken and Mads.

I’m trying to run the sequence unattended so I can get more sleep mid-week and still function at work :smile: the next day (I’m sure we’re all familiar with that feeling!)

I realise that my workaround isn’t ideal and contrary to SGP’s principles . . . am patiently waiting for HitecAstro to come up with the solution :pensive:. Just tried the roof remote key fob from my bedroom window and it closes the roof in the garden. Hurray!

At least the script will work when an event completes and I have the option to close the roof from my bedroom to guard against rain.

Thanks once again.


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One option for running un-attended if you don’t have a weather station is to turn off ‘recovery mode’ and just let the sequence ‘die’ when PHD loses track of the guide star. It will then run the end of sequence scripts.

Another option is to get an ‘All Sky Camera’ and use Tektite Skies. It works really well as long as you have a good all sky camera (my SDC435 isn’t good enough, the Moonglow works really well). Trent has a driver for the ‘safety device’ part of SGP and it too would shut down your setup gracefully.

The first option is not perfect, but it works (ops tested by me). It’s up to you on whether you trust it or not.


Thank you for the suggestions. The next purchase is for a weather/cloud/rain sensor - I’ll look into it.

Quick update: last night’s imaging worked a treat and my script worked perfectly when the last event finished. HitecAstro also sent through an updated driver during the night, so fingers crossed with testing and I’ll be able to use SGP’s slaving options properly.

I’m also using the beta, so far so good.


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