Preserve Start Date

I would like to request folder creation maintain start date or end date for the object. I like to organize my photos by Date Object , blah, blah , blah. well after midnight I get another folder. Just wanted to see if that was possible to hold the date from the start of a target or start of a sequence :slight_smile: Unless I am missing something that is not possible today.


Under - Key

%d2 = Date - 12 hrs (as MM-DD-YYYY)

%dy = day - 12 hrs (inserted as DD)

This (the last time i used it) does not preserve the date of the start of the sequence. If i start the sequence at 11:30 PM on the 1st the folder changes after 120:00 AM
08-01-2015 - Start of sequence
08-02-2015 - After 12:00 AM while still running the same sequence.

Now i have two folders to get the nights images from.

It does sound like you are using %dt and not %d2

Thanks Ken Sorry didnt know there was a difference I guess I should RTM :frowning: sorry.


I read through the link from Cosmick and was wondering if the -12 meant that it was -12 hours clock time ? so as long as you dont image until 12:00 PM then the date would remain the same from when the sequence started? if so i feel bad for the people at the north and south pole… not is it cold but they will get two folders during imaging :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Yes, it essentially makes a “day” go from noon until noon rather than midnight to midnight. So if your imaging session spans across noon then you’ll still get 2 folders.