Preventing re-focusing

In my first attempt at a wide-field mosaic of Cygnus, I’m first doing a quick sequence using a grid of 15 different frames to see how I’d like to orient the final picture. It’s just a framing test so I’m not taking subs. My problem is that the system is refocusing after each slew, which is not needed for this rough and dirty framing test.

I tried unchecking the appropriate boxes in the Autofocus panel, but that didn’t work. Is that because the software is already running the sequence and you can’t change settings in mid-stream? If so, does that apply to all panels and their settings, that you can’t change settings in mid-stream even if you pause the sequence?


All those setting are “per sequence” and NOT “per target” and yes, you can change them mid sequence and they should take affect immediately. I guess you could completely disable auto focus and see what happens.

You should be able to use the Framing and Mosaic Wizard to setup the framing you like without having to go through all this work. Unless I’m missing something.


I want to see much more detail that I can see with the wizard.