Problem Connecting to Atik 383 L Camera

I’m having trouble connecting my Atik 383 L to SGP.
It was working the last time I used it (it’s been a year or so, because I’ve been heavily using my Zwo ASI 1600).
I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the Atik software, but to no avail.
ASCOM is up to date SP6.1 SP1).
The camera does connect and respond to Artemis.
Any help please?
SGP version
Many thanks, Kevin

Latest ASCOM is 6.4SP1.

Your SGP is quite old.



I pulled that info from SGP, which must be incorrect- I updated ASCOM last week, so I know I must be running the latest version.

Indeed, I’ve just checked, it is 6.4 SP1; obviously SGP still refers to the version extant at time of installation.

Thanks again, Kevin