Problem notification/end Sequence whith disconnect mount

For unknown problems my EQ6 mount has been disconnected two times. The GSP v3.0.2.94 application did not send me any notification and it did not even stop the sequence, everything continued to work, however, when the meridian flip was performed, the mount continued to touch the tripod :(.

I ask if it is possible to set whether with a possible disconnection of any device there is a selection whether to send only a notification or to finish the sequence.


The sequence should abort. Can you attach a log? More info here:

Thank you,

sg_logfile_20181012192936.txt (948.9 KB)
Thanks for your help.
I do not know the time that the mount is disconnected, but I can tell you that the camera has touched the leg of the tripod after 4:10.
The sequence was stopping due to the loss of the guide star, but not due to the disconnection of the mount and no notification was sent by email.

Hi Jared, the problem most likely caused by the synscan V3 keyboard happened again last night. The software managed to intercept the problem by sending an email (see attachment), but the sequence did not stop.
Is it possible to implement a Yes / No selection if when this problem occurs, it stops the sequence?
As it is a bit dangerous because the mount is no longer controlled and therefore no longer performs the meridian flip.