Problem solving with different binning

I have been having a series of occasional plate solving failures using the local Sometimes it works, other times not. I haven’t fully characterized the problem, but it may have to do with binning. When getting ready to take a pic, I will first do a series of frame and focus images. I usually finish this at 1x1 binning. When I do a final Center Here, It sometimes fails to solve the reference image. I have the scope frame and center on the Control Panel set to 2x2 binning. Last night, I found that it would work well if I also took the reference image at 2x2 binning.

It was these failures that would take 2-4 minutes each to fail that make me anxious for the much faster PlateSolver2 interface.

Windows7, SBIG STT-8300M, TheSky6 Pro, Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-g mount.

The only thing I can think of is your image scale entry to SGP may be incorrect. Changing binning also changes image scale. So make sure you set the image scale of your system in SGP correctly before plate solving.