Problem ST4000 guider PHD2

Hello, before buying “Sequence Generator Pro”, which seems to me a very interesting and complete software, I’m trying it and here I have a problem to connect the camera with PHD2:
I use a SBIG ST4000 and PHD2 camera as software to guide.
According to your recommendations, in the camera tab, I chose “SBIG camera” then “internal chip guide” and I connect it.
There everything is ok, the camera connects well.

In PHD2, in the camera list, I chose “SGP API guide” and when I want to connect the camera, I have a PHD2 error: “SGP API guide cameraXsize is missing”

Can you help me because there I do not know what to do

My OS is win7 64 bits and I use SGPro, SGP API guide 1.3 and PHD2 2.6.5 and my SBIG drivers are up to date!

Thank you for your help

Sorry for my english, i use google translation !!!

You can try the other options for the guide camera and see if those are any better. At some point the “Internal” and “External” definitions changed in the driver.


Hello Jared thank you for the info but I had already done this test because you had told another person and the result is the same, always this error of PHD2:
SGP API guide cameraXsize is missing