Problem with Auto Meridian Flip with EQ6Rpro


I have been using for a long time your program called Sequence Generator Pro (now on its latest version and until now I haven’t used the option “automatic median flip”. However, despite using the guide indications, trying to find more information on YouTube tutorials or using the logical parameters I have not reached the point on my lens doing a change in the Automatic Meridian.

I have the next system to control the telescope: Mount Sky-Wacher EQ6R pro, Eagle3 from Primalucelab, Cable Pegasus EQdirect USB EQMOD.

I am using this software: SysScan Pro App version 1.17.3 & ASCOM driver for SynScan App version 1.2.3.

On Telescope options I have tried to select or unselect the option “allow control of telescope”. While activating “Use Auto Meridian Flip”, I do select “allow control of telescope”. I have as well clicked on “Sync” on the “Sync Behavior” option.

In SET options I have selected: “minutes past meridian flip, 10; wait for meridian auto center before after meridian flip & Auto Meridian Flip auto-close delay, 30).

Could you please help me on this subject?

Thank you very much,

Hi Mateo,

I suspect there may be a language barrier here. I do understand that you are seeing meridian flips fail. If you can provide a log showing the failure, we can bypass any parts of the support process where we are not sharing a common understanding of the problem.

More information here How to Submit Logs in SGPro - SGPro Support - Main Sequence Software

Thank you for your reply.
Indeed, there is a problem with the meridian flip.
However, I prefer to show you this video, where the telescope Works as I would like to, but somehow I am not capable to do it and, as a consequence, my telescope crashes with the mount.

Here is the link of the video I found: Sequence Generator Pro automatic meridian flip - YouTube


Ok, the video is fine, but we will still need logs. Thanks.