Problem With Nikon RAW Format

I tried using just the Nikon RAW (NEF) format tonight with my D5100. When I tried my first Blind Solve it couldn’t locate the image. I checked the image location in the temp files and the image was all black. I tried numerous times with different exposure times but got the same result. I then changed to using FITS files and everything worked fine. I was going to check later if the NEF files would work (download) when running sequencies but the clouds rolled in.

Windows 8.1 with the latest version of SGP.


My understanding is that the plate solvers only take fits files as an
input. It would not know what to do with a NEF. I also have a D5100 and
only use fits.


When I use a NEF file for reference, SGP converts it to FITS and then does a plate solve. I assume thats what it should do in the case of a blind solve after my first image. Otherwise, it makes no sense having NEF only as an option for Nikons.

I much prefer NEF files for processing. However, I can get around the problem by chosing NEF and FITS. Just thought the guys would want to know about this.