Problem with SGP and PHD2 Guiding - "time out could not refresh PHD2 profiles"

Hello friends.
My name is Luis and I am writing from Lima Peru. I have a Bresser 8-inch astrgraph (f3.9), an ASI 294CMC camera and a Celestron Neximage 5 camera that Im using for guiding.

Everything works very well if I work the Nex5 camera directly from PHD2 when I do my captures. However, now I have SGP 2.6 and I can not configure the guider. Now I have SGP and I want to automate the whole process. However, when I try to configure PHD2 I get the following message
"time out could not refresh PHD2 profiles, please try again"

is it SGP compatible with Neximage 5? How can i fix this?.
Im looking forward your kind support of anyone who can

Thanks !!!

The details are a bit lacking in this post but I’ll assume you have gone to the PlateSolve tab on the control panel and clicked on settings? Then you are trying to set the Phd2 Profile to use?
If my assumptions are correct, when you click on Settings does PHD2 start up (eg you can see it in the task bar)?
If not, then check the install path in that settings dialog. If PHD2 does not start when you click the settings button then it won’t be able to set the profile.

Hi, Thanks for answer.

In fact, I almost configured SGP at all, excepting PHD2 guiding. I got PHD2 calibrated and generated my personal profile. However SGP doesn’t read it.
I already gone to PlateSolve and configured it properly.

I routed PHD2 path correctly but when I try to load personal profile has this message. Actually PhD2 opens, but I can’t finish the profile manager.

I thank in advance any help regarding this.

if I understand correctly your symptoms, it seems that PHD2’s server is not enabled. Just open PHD2, go to Tools menu and verify that the “Enable Server” option is checked. Then start SGP: it sould be able to show your PHD2 profiles when you go into Control Panel, Auto Guide tab, Settings. By the way, if Enable Server option is not active, SGP won’t be able to drive PHD2 at all.

Good suggestion. If I disable the server and then click settings in SGP, the PHD2 Equipment Profiles dropdown says “Refreshing…”, so if that is the symptom you are seeing then the server is not enabled.

To the developers, you might want to have this operation time out rather than hanging on the message.

That’s exactly what it happens with my configuration!
When i try to configure it says "Refreshing…” at first and then i finally got the “time out could not refresh PHD2 profiles, please try again” message.

i will take in account the suggestions of both in order to fix this issue.
At other hand,with an appropriate guidescope (a 50mm helical focuser guidescope, for example), it’s a very interesting exercise to “reconvert” using of a planetary camera into a guider, without having to discard it and sell it as a bargain. The Neximage 5 works very well for guiding.

I’ll send you all more news soon about my progress

a little up on this message because i am having the exact same problem.
SGP seems to connect to phd2 since it launches it but it can’t load any profile when i click refresh.

Also, Server is enabled (Enable Server chccked).
Who has an idea where it might come from ?
The thing is, PHD2 works by itself with my configuration…

Thank you