Problem with unexpected change of profile


I have problem with unexpected profile change. Situation is as follows:

  • I open SGP with last sequence and proper profile (lets call it “800mm”) applied
  • I connect everything (camera QHY9, QHYWRS232 filter wheel and rest of equipment)
  • because of connection of QHY filterwheel through USB I have blank field in “set filter position” in “filter wheel” window. I have to choose “lum” filter and click “set” - in this moment profile sometimes (!) changes to “632mm” (settings for telescope with reducer)
  • if profile will not change in situation mentioned above, it changes after I make “slew to target” - after slew profile changes to “632mm”

I have noticed that when I open SGP in sequence window there is " * " on the bar with sequence name - “sequence_name.sgp*”. After profile change " * " vanishes when situation described above happens.

I have checkbox checked “use profile as default for new sequences” for profile “632mm”, but… I to not create new sequence in this situation.

This has been addressed in the Beta. We’re working to get more testing on the Beta to move it to release status somewhat soon.


I would appreciate that.

Now after I unchecked “use profile as a default” after slew to target I have “no equipment profile”, but I assume you already know this behaviour :slight_smile:

Yes, there is some weirdness in the default profile behavior when using a sequence that was created with a different sequence. The best way to currently address this is to uncheck the “Default” option for your profile. Which should stop the issues if you’re not wanting to mess with the beta.