Problems Registering SGPro on newly re-named PC


We had the first clear night in weeks here in the UK, and according to tradition, it all went wrong big style with my observatory PC going bang (literally) when I plugged in my USB hub (which started smoking). I now have a nice laptop with no functioning USB ports!! :frowning:

Anyway - I immediately went to Plan B, because luckily I have an old spare laptop which I’d rebuilt for exactly this eventuality. It had SGP 2.2 on it (I think) so I installed SGP 2.4 on it, registered it and away I went.

Unfortunately, I had to shut it down to allow some anti virus updates to install, and when I went back into SGP, it forced me to re-license the PC.

I’ve tried all sorts of things - but every time I fire up SGP, it forces re-registration. I had renamed the spare PC as “Spare” but it kept re-licensing it as its old name, so I’ve now renamed the PC back to match the computer name on SGP’s license management webpage…but it still makes me re-register every time I fire up SGP.

Any ideas on how to fix the problem please?



An update…

I’ve done a complete uninstall / re-install - this made no difference and I’ve disconnected from the internet as suggested in another thread - this allows me to run a register SGPro without prompting for license details…but the moment I connect to the internet and try to open SGP, it prompts again.

I’ve tried deleting the PC from the Manage License webpage, and re-registering - it updates the webpage correctly, but then prompts for the license next time around.


Nothing is coming to mind immediately. What is the machine’s name (past and present)? I’ll look to see if something looks odd.

Does this machine have decent Internet connectivity?


Also, 2 sets of logs would be helpful.

  1. The set of logs after successful registration of the machine.
  2. The set of logs after this that ignore the registration from step 1.

HI Jared and Ken

Thanks for coming back to me on this one.

The original name of the PC was “W7_32_PRO” but I changed it to something like “Spare Laptop”. When it was called Spare Laptop, I re-registed it - and it came up on your system as W7_32_PRO.

I’ve renamed the PC back to W7_32_PRO by copy and pasting the name back off your system - no change!

The laptop is connected to a 20mb/s fibre internet via a Gb LAN and that’s working fine.

I’ve generated four logs, which I’ve saved to Dropbox:

dismissing license request . txt is the log that I whenever I start SGP while the PC is connected to the internet and click Dismiss on the registration screen.

after license application success.txt is the log of the instance where I register my details - (if I delete W7_32_PRO off your system - this repopulates your system with W7_32_PRO.)

no internet dismissing license requestion - lite.txt is the log that I get if I try to restart SGP after I initially hit Dismiss (ie I have SGP Lite on my system). This is with no internet connected.

successful restart after license application success - no internet on restart.txt is what I get if I successful register SGP while on the internet, remove the internet and then restart SGP.

I can’t think of any more combinations!

Thanks for your help with this.


OK - another update.

I’ve uninstalled SGPro, deleted W7_32_PRO from the SGP system, renamed the PC to something completely new, restarted the PC, run CCLeaner and a registry cleaner, re-downloaded and re-installed SGPro, re-entered my license details…and W7_32_PRO has reappeared on the SGP license system…and I still have to re-enter my license details when I want to restart SGP while connected to the internet.

I’ve run out of ideas now!



Thanks for the logs. Unfortunately they don’t point to any specific cause. I will need to send you a special version that has more verbose logging. Will try to get to that in the next couple days.

Thanks Ken - much appreciated.


The naming in our license management system and the naming of the actual device don’t always match up if you’ve changed the name of the PC (as you’re seeing).

I’ll manually clean up your licenses and machines this evening and see if that takes care of things.



I have sent a private message in regards to this issue.

I just want to report that this is issue has now been addressed by Ken…working on a Sunday. I think there’re two lessons here:

  1. Don’t mess around with the name on your PC unless you absolutely have to.
  2. SGP is a great product with better than world class support from Ken and Jared.

Cheers Guys!