Problems with ansvr & PlateSolve2

First let me say I’m a complete newb at this. The only “plate solving” I’ve ever done is direct uploading an image to to see what was in my FOV. I’ve just downloaded SGPro as a demo and really want to try and get the plate solving feature working. My first attempt was to install ansvr. It seems to install correctly but can’t connect to download the astrometry files. It probably has something to do with port 8080 not being open because I didn’t change any of the recommended install settings. And I can’t figure out how to change the port settings or open port 8080.
So then I decided to try and install PlateSolve2 and I click on the download link and I’m taken to a notice page that has failed to renew their domain name.
So at this point I’m kinda stuck and my 45-day trial is ticking down.
Any suggestions?

Don’t install a stand alone Plate Solve 2. Plate Solve 2 is already built-in SGP. Uninstall Plate Solve 2 or conflicts may happen.


OK, that’s good to know. But as you can see I did NOT install anything for PlateSolve2 but the help file for SGPro says you have to go to the planewave website to download the catalogs. So there’s still a problem as the website appears to be down.

Sorry about the mis-understanding. Yes, you need to install catalogs from Planewave as soon as their web site is up and running.

Once you get the catalogs, you will have to one more simple step in SGP/PlateSolve2 is to tell SGP/PlateSolve2 exactly where the catalogs are stored on your computer.

Whoa!!! I tried going to and it said the domain name has expired!!! Is Planewave out of business?


I think he just forgot to renew the domain name. He’s got about 38 days to fix it.

So while I have you here I understand about directing SGP to the directory where the catalogs are located but do I have to figure out the FOV of my rig anywhere like they ask in ansvr? Because I really don’t know what my FOV is.
I’m trying to use my Canon 600mm f4 lens and ASI 1600MM cooled camera.

Yes, but for different reasons. ANSVR asks so it can help determine what index files to download, a plate solver like PS2 requires hint values with every solve (specifically, image scale, RA and DEC). The camera tab in the control requires that the scale (in "/px be provided for a 1x1 frame). The best way to get this value is to just solve a sample image in Astrometry.NET and steal it. The second best way is to use the provided calculator next to that field, but variance in equipment from advertised specs can throw this off.

RA and DEC hints, assuming you are solving images from the scope (as opposed to disk) send the mount’s current location as the hint, so make sure your mount sync is close enough to the actual location that it is capable of providing a viable hint.

Are you referring to installing ANSVR when it asked you to select the range of indexes?

To calculate the image scale of your setup is:

(pixel size in uM * 206.3) / focal length of your scope

(3.8 * 206.3) / 600 = 1.31 arcsecs/pixel is your image scale.

Your camera resolution is 4656 x 3520 so your FOV in arcsecs should be 6053 x 4576 arcsecs or 100 x 76 arcminutes. I hope this sounds correct.


Downloading the index files is unrelated to the ansvr port. The port has to do with how SGP and ansvr will communicate. Are you able to open the link as described in the ansvr install instructions? If so, then the port number is fine.

If you had trouble downloading the ansvr index files, could you be more specific about what you saw that indicated you couldn’t connect to download the astrometry files? A screen-shot would be helpful.

Even though you are planning on using PlateSolve2, it is still a good idea to install ansvr to use as the backup for those cases where PlateSolve2 cannot solve or when no location hint is available (“blind solving”).