Problems with platesolving

I’ve installed version and I’m now noticing the platesolve dialogue is no longer showing. I get a limited dialogue when I select the Target Settings dialogue (when the little gear is pressed). I had PlateSolve2 working perfectly upto this version but it no longer is presenting the needed plate solve options (on 2 Pc’s)…

Please help!


Please see this post:

As of the target settings windows has been changed.

No worries Rob - I am sure PlateSolve 2 will still work fine.

The SGP layout has changed. Bring an image up in SGP (whether this is from your hard drive (ctrl+I) or direct from your camera) and right click on it. You will then have the option to plate solve and subsequently have the option of which solver to use.

Hope that helps…if that is not what you are trying to do…just let us know exactly…someone will come back with an answer.