Processed images come out grey scale

I’ve captured a few sequences with SGP and a QSI683 OSC camera. I’ve seen other posts about this subject, but it doesn’t seem to answer my question. The images I get after processing are definitely not debayered (screen door effect). I’ve used the same process in Nebulosity 3 that I’ve used with DSLR with no issues. I start by batch normalizing intensities of all subs, Batch demosaic + square, then stack. Never had any issues in the past. Just wondering what I may have missed either in setup or execution. Sample images and FITS headers are available if necessary.
Thanks for any help!

Not sure. You’re right though. We deliver images straight off the CCD… we don’t alter then in any way so you still see the bayer matrix in the image. After your debayer process, do the images have the bayer artifacts removed? Are the images possibly under-saturated (low exposure time… no large stars, etc.)?

Hello Ken,

The Bayer artifacts are still there. Doubt they’re under saturated. I’ve
attached links to NGC253 and Double Cluster images. Both were 10 x 300s.
Screen door effect doesn’t really show up after uploading to Astrobin, but
is obvious on zooming originals. Just at a loss to explain it. Has to be
something in Nebulosity or in the camera. Probably something simple I’m
overlooking. Just hoping someone else may have experienced this before.


In this case it appears as though the debayering process failed.