Proposal to increase the multilingual feature

I am a Chinese user. In China, along with the economic development, a growing number of amateur astronomers to pursue their own childhood dreams, equipped with telescopes and Equatorial, and the establishment of more and more astronomy Internet communities. A few guys include me bought SGPro, some masters can use fully, and the established the SGP Internet community.
“Fixed an issue where OBJCTRA and OBJCTDEC could not be read properly in non-English regions.”, the fast-improving gave many Chinese senior amateur astronomers a good impression. But because the SGP is an English software, which greatly hinder the use of more Chinese amateur astronomer.
So, I would suggest that you could develop multiple language versions in the future. If necessary, I would like to be a volunteer, tries to translate part of the interface to chinese.
Hope that the SGP is getting better!
Thank you again! :smile:

Thanks for the feature request. While I understand the desire for this, the issue, more than translation is real-estate and layout. SGPro has very limited real estate and some translations may be too large to fit in very precise areas. On top of this, I am honestly unsure of how localization strings for vertical languages would be handled (especially in places like the docking modules).

So… I am not saying we will never do this, just that it is not very high on our priority list right now.

Understanding what Ken says, I will be a volunteer for the Italian if in the future this thing will be made.

And I would like to be a Spanish translator!!!