Q regarding 'Auto adjust focus per filter'

Hi all,

I’m familiar with the filter offsets and how they work and have them set up for my filters. I just wanted to clarify the behavior of the ‘auto adjust focus per filter’ checkbox. I did -not- have this checked for whatever reason. However, I also use Auto Focus, set for every 40 min AND on filter change. The AF uses my L filter (‘auto focus with filter L’).

In this scenario, when AF runs due to filter change or timeout, do offsets get applied?

Nope. In order for offsets to take effect you must have “auto adjust focus per filter” checked and have the offsets specified in the filter setup. You would also have “autofocus with filter” (usually L) specified.

Excellent, thanks. I guess I’m lucky then I’ve found the filters to be parfocal, as the offsets (small as they are) weren’t being applied. I don’t know why I was thinking that checkbox only applied to filter changes.