QHY 174 Camera Newbe

Camera is connected. In Frame and Focus, Take 1 and Start are active. Press Take 1. Looks like image is taken and Download is started. Download does not complete. Progress icon keeps rotating. This worked yesterday.

Hi there,

We will need more information to be able to help. Please send us logs, SGPro and OS versions and we’ll take a look.

More information here How to Submit Logs in SGPro - SGPro Support - Main Sequence Software

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Working good today???
Don’t see where to attach Log file.

Please read through the link above.

I have seen this before. I had to shutdown/restart/reopen everything to get it working again. Also disconnected and reconnected the camera cable. QHY247… so close to the same, should be the same driver. I did try reconnecting the camera cable before I shutdown, but it didnt buy me anything.