Qhy cfw2-m-us driver issue!

I have a problem with my 7 slots QHY CFW2-M-US.

On SGP with the ASCOM driver the wheel act like a 5 slots wheel it won’t go to the 6 & 7 slots, even if I assign slot 6 and 7 in the driver it is ignoring it. I am using the latest QHY ASCOM driver. What is also strange it seems to always know where she are and never lose count of its position, it would roll pass 6 and 7 enad go to 5 like they were not there!

I have tried this driver (ASCOM FilterWheel for QHYCFW2) and the detection process doesn’t work and doesn’t recognize the com port.

The strange thing is that on NINA in the list of driver choices there is one called “QHY163M 7 Slots Filter Wheel” that work very well but I don’t see it in SGP.

I am more familiar with SGP and like it much better and don’t want to migrate to NINA at this time.
Any help is most welcome.

Thank you


I have the identical problem. It stopped working out of no where. I have not updated SGP, nor my QHY Drivers. I know this doesn’t help, but you are not alone! Yep, l it always shows 5 filters even though there are 7 and I keep selecting 7 and entering 7. When I closed the ASOM filter wheel screen and re-open it, its back to 5 filters again! Ugh!


It has been working just fine with this driver:

This is what the creator of the drive wrote to me :

If you want to use this driver, you might need to change the jumper under the FW’s plastic cover because the driver only runs via the RS232 (USB) port.

Good luck