QHY CFW3 Compatability


I have a simple question. I have a QHY CFW3. I understand that SGP does not support the native QHY drivers. I somewhat understand why. Anyways, if it does not support the native drivers that means you have to connect the camera with the ASCOM driver and the QHY CFW3 with the serial driver correct? This means that it has to connect via USB and can’t connect via the 4 pin cord? Please confirm.


The ASCOM driver should allow you to connect the CFW3 via the camera. I had a Qhy9 years ago and this worked perfectly fine with ASCOM for both…with the CFW connected through the camera.


Thank you. I have the 268M and the CFW3 Combination and it does not seem to work if you connect the camera with the ASCOM driver and try to operate the filter wheel. I just loaded the latest drivers yesterday from QHY. I will try again.

I guess you would just connect the camera and leave the connection for the filter wheel alone?

I have a QHY163M and CFW3 and I have no problem controlling the FW through the 4-pin port. I also have a CFW2 and control it through the serial port interface. Both configurations are controlled just fine by SGP. I assume that you have switched the CFW3 from serial port mode to 4-pin mode by pushing the switch on the FW?

Yes, I have the correct four pin mode, but I can’t seem to connect. I don’t know why. Now I did have the RS232 driver installed and that is the only thing I left QHY wize on my machine before I installed the new drivers. Maybe that caused a fit, because I also don’t recall seeing the FW as an item that I could install on the all in one. That was kind of weird.

If I connect to the camera, should not the filter wheel selection go gray?

@BigSky. After double-checking you really are in 4-pin mode (green LED?) you also need the 4-pin mode driver too - it works for ASCOM. If you want it separately, I stuck a load of newly-released drivers in a dropbox.