QHY cooling issue

I have a QHY16200a (7pos filter wheel attached) and I’m using the latest ASCOM drivers and ver. 3.03 169. When I connect the camera, cooling starts and goes the the requested temperature. (-19) However, as soon as I start a Sequence, the cooler goes to 0. Even if I try to restart it, change the temperature it stays at Zero. The camera cools with out any issues in EZcap. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

EZCAP works with your camera directly with no ASCOM driver involved. I would say the cooling issue is possibly an ASCOM driver issue. Have you contacted QHY about this? It couldn’t hurt to check on both fronts. You could also uninstall all QHY drivers (ASCOM and camera) and reinstall running as administrator( assuming WIndows is OS).