QHY Filter wheel 3 7filters

Problems with QHY Filter wheel 3 7 filters problems it reverts back to 5 filters with SGP I dont get a issue with Sharp cap or NINA the problem is with SGP can you help please.
Martin Williams


This was an issue in the QHY ASCOM driver. The latest version fixes this.


I have downloaded the latest version of the allin one for the qhy 268 m it is still the same unless i am missing something


Not sure which one you are referencing but go to the QHY download page:


and get the file called: Beta Ver. 2023.2.28

When installing there are a lot options including two kinds of filter wheels.

I have a QHY268M with a QHYCFW3-M-SR5 connected via the camera to filter wheel cable and it works properly. Make sure you use the ASCOM setup to configure the filter wheel for 7 positions – the factory default is 29 positions!


I reported the same issue , only seemed to affect SGP and ASCOM driver. I had to reinstall the driver to get it working again. Happened twice, can’t work out why one day it works fine and next day only 5 filters showing.

I also found my QHY600 temperature incorrectly reported, not sure if connected, but when set to cool to -10c it would show things like Cooling -13/-10 for a few minutes then work correctly.

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