QHY10 camera - cooling at startup - temperature reported wrong!

Using SGP At initial startup, my QHY10 apparently starts to cool even though I have TEC off in SGP. Temperature sometimes reported incorrectly as well - last night the ambient temp was -1C; the initial temperature read on startup was 24.5. A restart of SGP then showed temperature at -19.5. If TEC is turned on the situation rectifies itself. To eliminate issues with the camera I tested it with QHY’s software, EZCAP - no problems; temperature is reported correctly, TEC works as expected. I have reloaded ASCOM (new 6.2 ver) as well as the QHY ASCOM driver. Problem still exists. I’m pretty sure this was not happening with earlier version of SGP - I could test later this week.sg_logfile_20160127201028.txt (21.7 KB)sg_logfile_20160127203102.txt (402.5 KB)

Two log files are attached.

Thanks for the report. Unfortunately SGPro logs alone will not give us any insight into the issue. We would need to see the camera logs as well. Comparison to EZCAP is of no real relevance since it does not use ASCOM. All ASCOM cameras use the same code and since we don’t see this behavior in other ASCOM cameras, one would assume that the code that is doing this is coming from the QHY, but we can’t be sure unless we can correlate camera logs with the SGPro logs.

Thanks for the quick response. I'm going to send a copy of this to QHYCCD. I agree the EZCAP won't prove anything - I just ran it to verify the camera was at least sending out temperature data.

If I have the camera logs would you be interested in seeing them? At this point, I'm beginning to think it's QHY's problem, but we'll see.


Sure. If you want to post then somewhere, we can take a look.