Qhy10 circles won’t pick up stars green circles off center

I never seen this before I’m trying to use AF routine but before that I was trying to see how many stars my qhy10 picks up and the crazy this I can see the green circles but they are NOT where the stars are, the circles are OFF the center of the stars. I never seen this before. I have try with other DSLR and ccd and it works perfect but not with this one. I have try bin2x2, 4x4 5 , 10, 60 sec and is all the same result PLS HELP

The QHY10 is a bit weird in that it reads out the image in portrait mode. SGP does the star analysis in portrait mode, but displays in landscape mode. As a result, the star overlay does not match the displayed image. To my knowledge, this is the only camera that has this behavior. IIRC, you can rotate the image (I don’t remember which direction - I sold my QHY10 some time ago) and the circles will line up. Or you don’t really need to do anything. SGP is finding stars, it’s just not displaying them correctly.


Wow that’s crazy well I think I’m going to sell my too. Thanks very much for the info.