QHY11 CCD Support?

How do you connect a QHY11 and the filter wheel in SGP?

Would love to use these but have not figured out how to add these in the equipment profile. When I picked up SGP I though this would work.

Is the QHY11 supported in SGP?

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Most likely you will need ASCOM camera driver dedicated to your QHY camera. There is no native QHY driver support for SGP.


How do you do this? Does anyone here do consulting on this for money?


Rest assured, driver installation is simple and you don’t need to pay anyone for it.

Run this as an admin:


Then you camera will show up in the camera menu.

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I am not sure I understand. It’s described in SGP manual about supported cameras on page 34.


“ASCOM Cameras (any camera that provides an ASCOM compliant driver).”

Many ASCOM drivers are usually free. I have never seen any dedicated ASCOM drivers cost a penny.

Don’t forget to install latest “ASCOM Platform 6.2” first if you have not yet done it from:



It will work for sure - I’ve tried almost every QHY camera and the ASCOM drivers work just fine.

Just install the ASCOM platform first, then the ASCOM drivers for the camera (and filter wheel etc), and you’ll be ready to go.

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