QHY268C question

I know the QHY268M has the connector for the QHY filter wheel but can someone tell me if the QHY268C has the filter wheel connector? If I purchase a QHY268C, I will need to put a filter wheel on it so that I can use both a UVIR and dual NB filter plus a dark frame filter. Older models of the color QHY cameras did not have the connector for the filter wheel.


Yes it has.
Depending on your model of CFW (inamely, if it has more than 5 filter slots), you may be better off using a USB connection though, as the Ascom driver for some QHY cameras have lots of trouble with the filter wheel when connected through the 4 pin connector.


I had seen the info on the QHY web site but that pix could be the QHY268M as both cameras are discussed on the same web pages.

Thanks for the reference to the YouTube video as that seems to confirm the presence of the FW connector.

My current color camera, QHY168C, does not have the FW connector.