QSI 583 Settings

In the help file it is indicated that one can store the gain for your camera in the drop down section in camera settings.
Where might one find these values, or are the specific to individual sensors?

I have read somewhere that when binning you should set your gain to Low. but it seems the dropdown will give you further refinement.

The reason I am curious about this is that when running frame and focus at any binning other than 1x1 the entire right side of my target star is usually blown out, so to speak.


They are in the control panel camera tab.

1x1: High
2x2-4x4: Low

Yes, have that.
I was referring to the drop down…

Camera gain (e-/ADU)

Download Times (sec)

BTW, no luck with PHD ,same issue, but have narrowed it down. It only happens after I connect the camera, filter wheel, focuser (moonlite) and Ioptron mount. FWIW

From QSI’s specification page:


Perfect, thank you