QSI cooler control V213 beta - issues

In trying to solve other issues, I have uncovered some apparent unreliable behavior in V213. It is hot in the UK right now, about 24C and I wanted to get to -20C over 50 mins, by which time the amb temp should be about 18C.

SGP just wouldn’t move the needle. It got down to about 15C with about 20% power and stuck there. I disconnected, went into TSX and got the QSI down to -20C in a few minutes, at 73% power. Went back into SGP (fan on full) and took over the temp control. SGP backed off the power a little and the temperature started to creep up.
I have never had this issue before over several years of using the SGP QSI driver and my QSI683.
I would go back to 169 - but it will not read my sequences that have gone through V213 - or find any of my generated equipment profiles - though they are there in the appdata directory… which come back when I re-install 213.

catch 22

[update] software reboot of PC seems to have fixed issue.

I like your catch 22 reference: Once one moves to 213…then they are stuck. I am waiting patiently for the next Beta to get over some of the things that are not working correctly in 213…but yet we can’t go backward either…for the reasons you have outlined.


I don’t usually have robustness issues with the betas and they have been very good - this one seems to be an exception on what otherwise has been a very reliable consistent hardware base. It might just be coincidence. It appears to be working again - now with 213, so I can go on to confirm that TSX was the problem behind my unexpected prior meridian flip abort.

.213 was the only Beta that I had problems with…and that is over many years of working with SGP!